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dr. Marco Paret

We welcome you to this brochure that is part of an important cultural and research project.

Our aim is to help the knowledge of the old tradition of magnetic hypnotism in which we were initiated. We have updated them to the most modern quantum technologies. When we began this project we were alone. Now we see how many people, most of them our students have gone on this path.

These techniques are not only about psychology. They are also about energy (they are the western path of what in East is kundalini and similar techniques). They also rely on non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is very subtle, and the non verbal goes deeper than the verbal.

They can be useful in therapy, in personal relationships and in every social situation. And also for health, habits, personal development and more…

Most of books contain only a piece of this ancient and secret wisdom. The complete system encompasses a lot of exercises, both physical as well as mental. These exercises are rejuvenating and give energy to the practitioner. 

They help to have a powerful impact and expand the human potentialities And also be the first step of a Path to Presence that we could call “the ultimate path”. We propose you these techniques in a practical formation called “Mesmerismus®”.


The training that our school offers has a university pattern.
These words mean, that to reach the different professional levels you must complete a series of training modules giving each one a certain number of credits.

To get the Final Certification you must submit a research at the end of the path.

In some paths certification is important, in others it has no meaning as there are paths also for a deep personal development.

Our school offers also standard training courses, you can still shape these paths according to your needs, to allow a full path and personalized service.

After the course there is even the possibility to become part of our organization, as we are growing and expanding these knowledges.



This path is for people aiming at exploring and becoming immediately able in the mesmeric and fascination techniques. It is the most current one. It is the exoteric (it means “for all”) version of the ancient tradition updated to the Quantum level.

Courses: Mesmerismus Level 1 – Fascination Course – Presence



Complete the magnetic path. Repeat it at least once – follow the Advanced Seminar (path “hermetic magnetism” or path “NLP-3”) and Train the Trainer days + personal coaching



Complete the magnetic path. Repeat it at least once completely and partly as an assistant. – follow the other path of the Advanced Seminar + personal coaching



Our school specializes in non verbal communication and is the most advanced institute in this field. NLP-3 is mostly based on non verbal communication instead as on the verbal one. It goes far beyond classical NLP. It is a “magical” NLP with different techniques and connects it with the enneagram and what is presented in the magnetic path. Very useful for persuasion and subliminal non verbal communication. In conjunction with the magnetic path it opens up to a level of a certification permitting to teach NLP-3 as well to Practitioner and Master in NLP and NLP-3



This Path is for people that want to apply these techniques as Coaches.



This is a very personal path that on higher levels can only be followed in smaller groups. Follow the Magnetic Path + Magnetic Hermeticism + Atoum Circles (it is an ancient knowledge about presence)



This course is for people wanting to start a practice starting from scratch and also for people already with experience in hypnotherapy that want to learn some traditional modalities that could be used in conjunction with magnetism and fascination. It encompasses both the magnetic path, the advanced course (NLP-3 and Non Verbal Communication Diploma) and a module of traditional hypnosis for the magnetic path, where certain techniques of traditional hypnosis are explained



Follow the magnetic path + personal coaching.



Follow all courses of the school.


We offer an organized curriculum for studies in the most powerful techniques of Magnetism, NLP-3, Mesmerismus ©, Quantum Technologies and Coaching. The programs are open to professionals and people seeking a higher education in these matters.

We recognize that the needs of professionals are different from those of adolescents and young adults – mature learners have a wealth of knowledge and skills which adolescents and young adults often lack. 

Further, we recognize that the career and family responsibilities of mature learners are often incompatible with the demands of years of on-campus, classroom attendance. The learner earns credit through intensive courses on the field and then married with independent off-campus study evaluated during our intensive seminars.

We also use modern information modalities such as; audio and video taped lectures, computer tutorials, WWW site information links that are given to our students, mentor-guided reading programs and supervised-held study via skype.

Finally we have some ritual moments in our courses where the student is introduced to these techniques in the traditional way.


Welcome to our formation, your door to unleash the true power of your mind and yourself.
Our discipline is a modern and powerful tool to create powerful and practical results. Our Quantum Magnetism technology is also suitable for deep processing, in all the domains of life.
It originates from the convergence of

  • ancient traditions and techniques in which we were initiated, passed down to us during our research and of which we are the last exponents, and this paradigm with which we are able to give expansion and scientific foundation
  • paradigms applied to the quantum mind, which is the most evolved exists in the modern world to treat our relationship with the world. And ‘in fact the discipline’s most successful predictions to be controlled in a world where we know that the exceptions are always a possibility.And the language and life are systems where the exceptions are the norm.
  • from our many years of practical experience in psychology and techniques of mind
  • from the experience of our seminars and courses, where we have experienced countless moments of discussion and experimentation of the techniques described.
  • from the theoretical competence being responsible for what has been the most innovative school in Italy and France over the last ten years.
  • from measurements taken with various equipment with which we have verified many of the techniques that we teach.

Deep concepts for the development of man

Our system is extremely innovative and has not only external applications, improving your mental power.
It is also a way of human growth.
A basic concept is the man in the universe and his subjective reality.
It starts from the consideration that all the psychological disciplines seek to develop human potential, but no one questions the goal of achieving greater skills and abilities, and how to integrate these elements with awareness.

Only accessing subjectively and really the complete structure of man you can figure out how to access its potential.

This has consequence:

  • In an organization it becomes clear how every performance is linked to the “human factor” and the “sense” that people feels in the organization.Our system is also the key to the realization of a true “Quantum Coaching”
  • At therapeutic levels, we realize that beyond the various techniques there is a person with which we operate and resonate and the relationship should take this into account, as well as the fact that we are a person and therefore we influence the results
  • On a personal level, we open up to the two ways of human development:

The Two Fundamental ways for the Development of the Person

There are two avenues of growth for the human being:

path A


path B

The direct path (path A) is the “heroic” path. For those who want to go directly to the deepest of themselves, to get the most high state of consciousness that a human being can live.

The indirect path (path B) also called “magical” path, is for people who do not have the concentration and the energy to do so because they are too distracted by daily life and therefore they want to achieve some goals (eg, success, health, money, relationships) before to have enough energy to follow the path A.

We accept the fact that each has his own way of seeing the world. It is a technique of freedom.

Path B of Human Development and Quantum Technologies

If implemented wisely, following path B is positive and acts as a first useful step allowing a person to develop to its fullest potential and resources.

This brochure will deal essentially with path B, as we do not believe that there are at this time a sufficient number of people able to deal directly via A.
In addition, those who are not able to get results in life it is probable that they are in such a situation because they don’t have all of their resources. Therefore it is very unlikely they will have the energy required to follow the path A.

But there is another even more important reason.

In today’s world, we assist to the fact that there is a continuous search for way B procedures forgetting the man who practices them.

Only a few techniques work in the best direction for the operator.

While allowing you to achieve results in the short, or even in the medium term if we have in the mind a direction of development that is aligned only with contingent elements, instead that with the real and profound human nature, the risk of psychosomatic problems, or to move away from the center more and more is too high.

Our method, unlike any previous technology, focuses on the doer rather than on the done.

We think it therefore important to indicate a feasible and positive path.


In our view, learning these techniques must be part of a path also and transformation of the human being. It is true that persuasion and healing abilities will be greatly enhanced, and it is also true that in our discipline a key point is the operator that must become a true Master.

Traditionally, from the most ancient times there were three steps a person must do to get to the top and really be a Master:

Step 1 – getting rid of unnecessary thoughts and needs. The level 1 is preliminary and can be done with various methods. It consists in the awareness of the existence of the basis states and in overcoming all the obstacles that may exist in order to begin to access to level 2.

In practice, the participant solves all its states of stress baseline. Ordinary man’s mind is full of a cloud of thinking and of want. The first step needs a person to create a clear mind – the ancient alchemists called it making the salt crystal clear. It means a mind no more cluttered by the encrusting of habits and a different relationship with the body where we live in the body.

Step 2 – grasping the first level quantum view of reality. At level 2 the participant expands the basics and become better able to master the external activators to expand its awareness. He experiences the natural series basis of some deep states of consciousness and can already start with the first steps of growth thereafter.

Such states are important as well as for individual development, and also are of great importance in the therapy and are the basis of the model of long-term permanent change. In this level we understand that we are part of the same universe we are observing. This awareness must be a daily awareness, not just a glimpse.

Step 3 – enhancing the inner fire. At level 3, the participant is now ready to learn the techniques directed towards the center of himself, in a direction that is the complete transformation of the individual. This is climbing the ladder of personal development beyond even the meaning of these words. We go in touch with a superior state of reality and consciousness. The ancient called this step enhancing the sulphur, as sulphur contains in itself the root of fire. The techniques of this level cannot be exposed to words as they require the knowledge of the earlier steps to be understood.

These three steps and their succession comes from a centuries old tradition, whose goal is bringing back man to himself.



Neurosciences – Tibetan Mysticism – Scientific Hypnosis – Western and Oriental Esoteric Paths of Power and Therapy

We are the only ones with an international curriculum aimed at researchers and students with the purpose of achieving the highest levels and we are open to admit other institutes or schools providing similar objectives.  Our units are based in Europe and Asia (Nepal). Based on an International Academic Euro Asiatic Network for research


A person working seriously can open a branch/chapter in his country and get endorsement by all structures in which we are active. It can realize:

  • A research chapter
  • An operative chapter
  • Or both

A research chapter contributes to the research work of the school. It can even have recognition from CAIRN or the school

An operative branch organizes courses and participates in the activities of the institute

To be head of a chapter a person must be a Mentor. A mentor is a person with specific qualities and experiences in the filed in which he is operating, and know profoundly the techniques. Mentor was the name of the person to which Ulysses gave his son Telemacus before one of his long travels. But Mentor is also the form that the goddess Athena takes in various moments of the Odyssey (Athena is Minerva in Latin, goddess of intelligence but also eponim of wisdom).

Expanding our magnetic chain

About the teaching of magnetism contained in our magnetic path, creating a branch or a chapter permits also to expand the “magnetic chain”.

In quantum terms the “magnetic chain” is an entanglement between the members of a group.

In fact we observe certain phenomena when more persons work together on some issue.

These effects have been also studied and labeled as “morphic field”: “The morphic fields include all kinds of organizing fields: The organizing fields of animal and human behaviour, of social and cultural systems, and of mental activity can all be regarded as morphic fields which contain an inherent memory.”

According to the essential uses, customs and traditions of Magnetism and most particular Hermetic orders, which have been scrupulously preserved by our lineage, a recognized branch has the power to make and develop teaching about magnetism, according to the lineages that we preserve and all groups that continue them are inside the so called “magnetic chain”  and are to be considered as regular and develop this “inner memory”.

There are some specific points that are set for a group to be considered as regular in working with magnetism:


1 – not taking political or religious dogmatic point of view

2 – preserve and study the tradition respecting it and staying obviously in the lineage

3 – develop the work of presence

4 – divulge with respect to the discipline and of the other fellows practitioners

5 – adhere to the vaster group

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